better experience of
owning a car

It happened to you that your car was wrecked and you don’t know where the problem is?
Or do you want to make settings on the car that you have never been able to do before?
Or get information from your car you didn’t get before?
Caroosha is a product consisting of a hardware and a program that makes available to drivers of different vehicles.
The product offers services that have been of concern to drivers as well as organizations for years.

The latest technology in your car

Feel smart

Wifi hotspot in your carShare Wifi hotspot with 4G mobile data
Get your car's locationUse realtime GPS for get your car location
Check your car's healthCheck ECU errors and repair they
Interact with your car's ECUCompatible with all ECU
Free lifetime updatefor all device on android and ios
Anti theft systemfor your car

for drivers

  • Report of the technical status of the vehicle: Similar to the devices in the mechanics, Caroosha informs you of all its technical problems through rapid communication with the vehicle’s computer.
  • Repair shop offer: Due to the type of technical problem and geographical location, Caroosha app offers the most suitable repair shop.
    Periodic Services Warning: Caroosha reminds you of the time of periodic car services.
  • Smart Alarm: With Caroosha without installing insecure and conventional alarms, easily protect your car with higher security coefficient using a mobile phone.
  • Positioning System: If you wish, the Caroosha Positioning System will be available for accurate routing.
  • WiFi for car passengers: Through Car car passengers all your car passengers can connect to the Internet via WiFi.
  • Smart Crash Alarm System: In case of severe accidents, Caroosha will immediately announce the crash site for timely arrival of relief services.

Caroosha for Organizations

Organizations are always trying to reduce their current costs and have higher productivity. In the case of organizations with an in-organization transport fleet, optimization of the costs of this section is of great importance for organization managers. Caroosha is a product that in the model “Caroosha Enterprise” in addition to the values created for organizational drivers, the provider of new solutions for comprehensive management of transportation fleet, for respected managers.




Base on Android OS

3D modeling of your car status

Cloudy space for remote use

Full interaction with your car ECU

Free lifetime update


Supports all ECU protocols

Accelerometer , Gyroscope and Compass (9-Axis)

Realtime GPS

1Gb Ram and 2Core CPU

Support 3G , 4G and Wifi

Key Features

Anti theft for your car

Wifi Hotspot for passengers

OBD2 diag for get info and repair errors

SOS System for Emergency Times

Periodic Service Reminder

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